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Design Engineering & Prototyping


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Design Engineering & Prototyping

human centered design

low & high fidelity prototyping

Design for manufacturing

Innovation facilitation & strategies


We have a deep understanding and hands-on experience within a wide palette of processing techniques. The known processes within materials such as composites, metal, fabrics and wood are often complimented with newer processes such as 3d-printing and laser-cutting in order to create perfect visual and functional prototypes.


We know how important it is to listen to stakeholders from developing numerous med-tech and consumer-products. Cocreation, observation and timed user-involvement has often resulted in products no-one has asked for, but still received very well by the targeted user.



Through working in a series of successful startups, we have a deep knowledge within innovative processes. Knowing when to create what is crucial in order to shorten the iteration-loops, learn faster and create a better end-product. We believe that if drawings says 1.000 words, a physical model says 10.000.


Developing a product from the first post-it to the final technical drawing requires an increasing sense for detail through the process. From setting up production lines, we know what the right level of detail means in order to prevent misunderstandings and to deliver a perfect end-product. 


Work examples

Work examples


Work Examples




Nightscout is an open source android app that allows people remotely monitor the blood sugar of their loved ones. Used mostly by parents of kids with Type 1 diabetes, Nightscout was built and is supported by a strong and quickly growing community of people with type 1 diabetes and their loved ones.

An protection case that could hold the custom cable and devices became one of the best selling 3d prints the year it was designed.

The project has been featured at Standford Med X conference (the green object), diabetes fares, countless of 3d-print websites as and is currently showcased at the British Science Museum (picture below).


The focus in the Whipperkids-project is to make gear that is unbelievably light, durable, easy to use and attainable without emptying your pockets completely. The sail is developed in collaboration with the best sailmakers in the world and the many of the components are 3d-printed at the location of purchase.

Today Whipperkids is a scaling start-up with customers on 4 continents. It was the best selling "one-design" windsurfer in Europe in its first season, and has been the runner-up in a handful of international design-awards. 



The project was developed in cooperation with CIID (Copenhagen Institute of Interaction Design) and Line Health Care.

The goal was to solve the problem that diabetics go through when reading their blood-sugar level (40 steps before successfully reading). This was done by hacking already existing FDA approved parts so that it could be one-hand operational and beautiful in the same time.


Plato science

PlatoWork is a simple, plug’n’play device that lowers the entry barriers for neurostimulation. It is developed to make the user a better problem solver, based on in-house brain imaging studies of expert creative thinkers. With the smartphone app the user can choose between different mindsets, which are then delivered as neurostimulation through the PlatoWork headset.

Today the Plato Science is selling headsets to customers across the globe.


short-cycle projects

Smart wake-up lamps, low quantity injection molds for the sports-industry, custom modular conference tables and dosens of works-like/looks-like prototypes.  Examples on short-cycle projects are many. Prototyping skills within e.g. 3dprint, welding and CPU rendering results in fast build-test-repeat cycles that can validate assumptions risk-free for both startups and larger coorporations. 

Client-examples can be seen in the bottom of this page. Contact me for references.

idea hack pack

The Idea HackPack builds upon theories from the LEAN Startup movement. Long story short – it is about minimizing waste. 

It is a toolkit for tech-designers, intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs that can help them validate their ideas through a fun, fast and affordable process.

Download the process-board and instructions below.


IdeaHackPack by Mads Ring is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Public License

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Boards for the watersport industry

Design of custom and serial-produced boards for the surf, windsurf and SUP industry. Some of the board are hand-made in Denmark for customers who want something unique and some crafts are mass produced in Thailand and China. Prototypes for serial produced boards are tested virtual and in scaled-down physical stream-pools using 3d-printed versions of the board. mobile beach lab turns plastic on the beach into valuable products and ressources. Driven by science and cutting edge technology, the plastic can be washed and turned into new pellets. These pellets are then processed into new products at our beachlab, or sold to manufacturers of plastic-parts.

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cold hawaii shaping bay

Catching waves on a craft you created using your own hands can be one of the most epic feelings ever. At Cold Hawaii Shaping Bay we believe that everyone should get the chance to experience this and that's why we created the first and only public shaping bay and surfboard design-school in North Europe.

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